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Leica T 701 with unibody. Image: cameraegg.org

If you are not affected by the myths and big name of Canon or Nikon, then you need to Consider a new camera from Leica. You will be Able to get, the Leica T 701 soon. Camera body is made ​​up of magnesium alloy; The whole thing will be protected from the environment by adding rubber seals. Leica recently registered the Leica T Type 701 in Taiwan and if the rumors circulating the internet are to be believed then the Leica T Type 701 will probably be late and mirrorless interchangeable camera system.

The upcoming Leica T type 701 aluminum unibody will be produced in Germany under a new and unique manufacturing process. With such protection, you will feel comfortable bringingthe LeicaT 701 anywhere. The Leica T Type 701 will be Leica’s first interchangeable lens camera to be manufactured by Leica in Germany aside from the Leica M Series.

According petapixel.comthe camera will be manufactured as part of the partnership between Leica andPanasonic, and willsport an APS-C sensor. It's being reported thatthe body and allof the zoom lenseswill be built byPanasonic, while Leicawill make all of the primes itself. Leica T701 a mirrorless camera will feature APS-C sensor and Touchscreen LCD with Built-in Wi-Fi connectivity. Leica T701 is interchangeable lenses with the ease of lightweight bodies.
Leica T 701, new leica camera, Wi-Fi connection, Panasonic camera, luxury camera, unibody camera,
Leica T701 appeared with classic style. Image: mirrorlessrumors.com

 Leica T series mirrorless camera will be positioned between the M and X lines and expected to have an APS-C sensor with optional EVF. Intended to serve as a modestly-priced midpoint between Leica’s existing M and X lines, the T  701 Type will also have an electronic viewfinder and likely be compatible with Leica M lenses via an adapter. The new T model will not be a MFT camera and it will not be based on an existing Panasonic model

Leicarumors.com reported that Leica T701 has the following specifications:

- APS-C sensor (Likely 16 MP)
- Without rangefinder and without a built-in EVF (uses optional EVF)
- Mount interchangeable lenses for T.
- Touchscreen display, Wi-Fi
- $ 3000 for camera + lens kit

And get ready with these two lenses: Leica VARIO-ELMAR-T ASPH 18-56mm f/3.5-5.6 zoom lens (27-84mm equivalent), and Leica SUMMICRON-T ASPH 23mm f/2 prime lens (35mm equivalent).

If you notice, the Leica is famous for its excellentquality, and certainlysold at a high price. Leica made flawless film cameras but when it comes to digital they sadly fall massively short. In some way the brand could even be thought of as the Ferrari of cameras, however they are overpriced and under specked compared to other manufacturers. The camera is rumored to be designed by Audi, it's similar to the Leica C and Leica M Titanium. Wow.

Do you also believe the price indicates a quality? The consumer will want to get a digital camerawith a high quality, but can be bought at affordable prices. Looks like Leica did not want to meet the basic needs of the budding photographers because of Germany's camerafactory always sellthe camera at a high price, compared to other brands. Therefore if you want to enjoy the sophistication of Leica, you can buy aPanasonic camera whichalso uses a Leica lens. Meanwhile Panasonic has been prepared withthe latest technology and will complement anycamera with a variety of exciting features tomeet the demands of a digital camera enthusiast.  

If you have extra money, and want to look likecelebrities and famous people who usually have a Leica camera, then you will definitely look forward to welcoming the Leica T 701  enthusiastically. You will look morestylish and moreelegant with thisfancy camera.