Canon PowerShot N100, digital camera, Wi-Fi, NFC, creative filters, HDR, optical image stabilization, optical zoom
Canon PowerShot N100 in different angle. Image:
Canon has just unveiled the new Canon PowerShot N100 to deliver unique storytelling capabilities for photo enthusiasts in a tiny package. 

This is a new concept camera that will boast of a new body style and unique, new creative options, letting you create as well as a visual guide relate stories through the enablement of the photographer up to become part of the image being captured.

Create visual stories

The N100 is the follow-up to the strange PowerShot N camera that Canon debuted at the beginning of last year. Like its predecessor this one has social sharing built into its DNA, but there are a few new notable features. This camera is equipped with Optical Image Stabilizer,
Wi-Fi capability, a 5x optical zoom, a 24mm Wide-Angle f/1.8 lens, a 12.1-Megapixel High-Sensitivity CMOS sensor and Canon’s DIGIC 6 image processor. The three-inch capacitive touch, tilt LCD panel allows users to capture images at unique angles, up to 90 degrees.

The PowerShot N100 is actually two cameras. There's a standard point-and-shoot camera on the front and a rear-facing camera plastered right on the LCD so you can snap a picture and a selfie at the same time. Like if you’re reacting to an incident you’re snapping a picture of, you can capture both moments simultaneously.  The PowerShot N100 camera helps users create and tell their visual stories by allowing the photographer to become part of the image being captured. It’s definitely strange, and odd for functionality we’re used to seeing on smartphones. The N100 will attract some younger users to the camera market, which is heading south thanks to the popularity of smartphones.

Creative Shot and HDR mode

The N100 is equipped with a Creative Shot mode that would automatically create five different versions of a single shot using different color and tone settings, crops, and styles in addition to saving the original photo. With this camera you can maximize creative filters to make variety of unique photo. Please use the Retro, Monochrome, Special, or Natural - for the camera to use with a total of 46 filters available. Don’t forget to use the HDR effects, to help artistic expression reach new creative levels. You can share these photos with facilities built-in Wi-Fi. This camera also equipped with Canon HS SYSTEM to helps provide excellent low-light performance

 The PowerShot N100 camera has the convenient connectivity of NFC (Near Field Communication) offered on Android devices. After an initial one-time set up, with NFC, you simply press the Mobile Device Connect Button and tap their NFC enabled Android device to the PowerShot N100 camera which automatically launches the Canon Camera Window App so you can share images from the camera to the phone with ease.

Canon PowerShot N100, digital camera, Wi-Fi, NFC, creative filters, HDR effect, optical image stabilization, optical zoom
Canon PowerShot N100 built-in Wi-Fi and NFC. Image;

The PowerShot N100's new body design gives the camera a portable shape and featuring a new body style and unique, new creative options. The PowerShot N100 digital camera is projected to be on hand in May 2014 in white or black for an estimated retail price of US$349.99.

If you love unique things from cutting-edge technology, the Canon N100 is suitable to meet your enthusiasm, so you can be more creative. You can share your creativity generated from this camera to a variety of social media such as MySpace, Facebook, or Twitter and also take advantage of wireless facilities which have been provided on this camera. However, you always have a chance to compare this camera with a variety of other well-known brands. Hopefully you will not grow dizzy when making decisions.