Canon New Digital SLR Camera, EOS 70D
Canon EOS 70 D vs Canon EOS 60D, new canon DSLR camera
Canon EOS 70D and EOS 60D. Image:
Between true lovers of photography there are always fans who want to upgrade from the old model of camera to the latest type of camera, but there are always new fans are very enthusiastic to buy a new camera. If you already have a Canon EOS 60D, then you do not have to replace it with the EOS 70D, even if you want to buy a professional camera for the first time, you do not even have to buy the latest camera.

Sometimes a new camera just a little flat compared to the previous type, so if you buy the previous generation type of camera you will enjoy lower prices, but you can use your money to invest by buying additional lens such as tele lens, macro or super zoom lens.

However, let's look at the comparison between the Canon EOS 60D with EOS 70D so that we have a more fair comparison. If you plan to upgrade, make sure you know the difference before you make a decision.

Dual Pixel CMOS AF Technology

After officially announced the date of 2 July 2013, at a glance no difference between the Canon EOS 70D with Canon EOS 60D, but if we watch carefully, there are enough differences that stand out between the Canon EOS 70D with Canon EOS 60D.

The EOS 70D does not just change the serial number, but also comes with some pretty satisfactory progress. Let's look at this from a Nikon camera close competitors. What are some advanced features that you get from the Canon EOS 70D’s? Are there any new features that can improve the quality of your photos, making it suitable for you to have?
Canon EOS 70D, new canon camera
New Canon EOS 70D. Image:
There are features that you should look out for the Canon EOS 70D is equpped with AF CMOS Dual Pixel Technology. This feature will provide autofocus on this camera is fine and accurate when used to record full HD video. This feature also offers a fast acquisition time taking pictures in Live View mode. This feature is most proud feature of Canon EOS 70D.

Canon increased the number of photodiodes on the sensor. In the traditional AF system, autofocus obtained by bouncing light from the object to the secondary sensor and compare with rays that reach the main sensor. By calculating the difference of these reflections focus camera can calculate the distance to the object. AF system in the Canon EOS 70D gets a big change compared to the 9-point system 60D, which is 19-point and all cross-type of type, and a point of high precision dual-cross when used with lenses f/2.8 or faster.

Canon chose to let the low pass filter on the EOS 70D. This does not happen on the Nikon D7100. In addition, the Canon EOS 70D is carrying a 14-bit processor DIGIC 5 + with an ISO range of 100-12800, compare with the Canon 60D which carry the Digic 4 processor and only has an ISO range of 100-6400.

Canon EOS 70D also has the ability to take pictures with full resolution with speed of 7 frames per second which is equivalent to 65 or 16 image format JPEG RAW format images. Compare with the Canon EOS 60D is only 5.3 frames per second.

New 20.2 Megapixel

The Canon EOS 70D comes with a 20.2-megapixel sensor combined with intelligent viewfinder that allows to track the subject as they move and automatically align proportional framing. Identical to its predecessor, the Canon EOS 70D is also equipped with WiFi connectivity.

Both Canon 60D and Canon 70D using a pentaprism viewfinder, but the Canon 70D viewfinder now covers 98% of the scene. The addition of 2% of the Canon 60D (96%) is quite good but not as good as 100% view offered by the Canon 7D. Of course, since the Canon 7D is a full frame camera.

Additionally 70D adopted a number of features of its predecessor, even from three digits of the Canon EOS series to another, as follows:

   1. Creative filters can now be LIVE preview, similar to the Canon EOS 700D
   2. A 3-inch live view Touchcreen with 1 million dot screen. You can use the live view to make changes in the menu, or the shift from image to image, even when you use Live View, you can change the autofocus point via the touchscreen.

Canon EOS 70D claiming it possible to take pictures in minimal light conditions and using a fast shutter speed to maintain a high quality picture. Do you want to prove the greatness of this Canon EOS 70D? Before you decide to buy this camera, you probably need to look at reviews of the experts and professional photographer’s camera magazine and other reviews that you can find on the Internet.

If you want to buy a new camera to satisfy your hobby, then you should also pay attention to budget and other requirements in the future, for example to buy a wide-angle lens, macro lens, telelens, finery, and other requirements that will support your hobby or your business in photography.