Though Olympus TG series for fans of underwater sports
Olympus TG-2 camera, underwater digital camera
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Are you a fan of sports under water? Now you can enjoy the beauty beneath the sea with underwater photography activities. You can use an underwater camera at an affordable price. You do not need to buy a heavy camera or digital SLR camera which is of course expensive. You can now dive while photographing coral reefs, colorful fish with a pocket camera specifically made for underwater shooting. The underwater camera also can use for daily activities such as for birthday parties, weddings, workshop, seminars, social events with friends or family.

You can get an underwater camera in the online store or at a camera shop in your town. Canon, Nikon, Sony and Panasonic also markets an underwater camera. Olympus also always consistently produce underwater camera, the Olympus Tough series. Now you can buy Though Olympus TG-2. This particular camera is presented for underwater photography enthusiasts, you can even use up to a depth of 15 meters. The camera is equipped with powerful features like anti-freeze and impact resistant. The most interesting of the Olympus TG-2 is the presence of microscopic features of Macro. This feature allows the user to be able to shoot a subject that is very small, even the size cannot be seen by the naked eye. Macro photo can be produced with up to 14x magnification of the image with the images that stay sharp.
Olympus TG630. Image:

For shooting the camera comes OLED screen measuring 3-inch 610k pixel densities in point. The picture is also claimed to be equivalent to a DSLR camera, thanks to the use of backlit CMOS sensor with a resolution of 12 megapixel TruePic VI processor support.

This digital camera is equipped with a 25mm wide lens aperture is F/2.0 considerable. This lens has a 4x optical zoom capability equivalent to 25-100mm lens on a full frame camera. The camera is also equipped with features that can burst shoot target with a speed of 5 frames per second, capture video in Full HD 1080p resolution with support for features Multi-Motion Movie Image Stabilization. With this feature the recording claimed to be more stable. You can also use the GPS and compass module to accompany you browse.

Other selections from Olympus

To bridge the Olympus TOUGH TG-2 IHS in an upscale and Olympus Tough TG-630 IHS at the most affordable classes, attended Olympus TOUGH TG-830 IHS. This camera comes with a CMOS sensor BSI (Back-side Illuminated) 16.0-megapixel resolution, support TruPic VI processor for image processing, and a wide 28mm-140mm lens or a 5x optical zoom. Like the Olympus Tough TG-2 IHS, the camera is also equipped with the same GPS module. Video recording capability can be used to record 720p HD quality video. This video features supported with Multi Recording feature that allows you to shoot photos while recording video.

Olympus TOUGH TG-830 IHS is also tough as Olympus TOUGH TG-2 IHS. You can take him to dive to a depth of 10 meters, hardiness of 2 meters, anti-freeze to -10 Celsius; it can even withstand heavy loads up to 100 kg. As for the low-budget you can buy the Olympus Tough TG-630. Despite its position in the entry class, you can trust the toughness of this camera. You can use the Olympus Tough TG-630 to a depth of 5 meters, shock-resistant from a height of 1.5 meters and anti-freeze until the temperature is minus 10 degrees Celsius.
underwater digital camera, Olympus TG
              Olympus TG 830 Image:

The camera is equipped with a 28mm lens with 5x optical zoom, 3-inch LCD screen, BSI-CMOS sensor and 12 megapixels TruPic VI processor. The camera is also capable of recording video in Full HD 1080p resolution, supported features Multi-Motion Image Stabilization to avoid blur. To help you take a photo you can use the features Dual Image Stabilization, even backlit HDR feature. If needed, you can use the Hand-Held Starlight to support a shooting in low-light conditions, so you can capture new pictures more optimal even without the help of a tripod.

All Olympus camera series is available in the month of March 2013. Olympus Tough TG-2 IHS will sell for around U.S. $ 379.99 in a choice of red and black. Olympus Tough TG-830 IHS can be purchased at a price of about U.S. $ 279.99 and available colors silver, blue, red and black. While the Olympus Tough TG-630 IHS sold at a cheaper price around U.S. $ 199.99 in a choice of blue, white, red, black and blue. Olympus is not the only one making an underwater camera; you can still glance at similar cameras from Panasonic, Canon or Sony.

Important note:
To use underwater digital cameras need to be waterproof protector. Protective equipment is commonly called housing. Housing is also contained on the buttons that are mechanically connected to the button on the camera. Therefore we can perform underwater camera settings like we do photography on land. Thus it becomes very essential Housing in underwater photography activities. Strength materials and high accuracy is needed in the production process of housing. Therefore it is not uncommon to be quite expensive housing prices, there is even more expensive than the price of the camera itself. Make sure you choose the housing that fits the brand and type / series camera you buy so you can use the right and comfortable.
camera housing, underwater digital camera
Housing for Olymus TG. Image:
Housing is only suitable for one type of camera only, Housing is not general, and it means the camera is only compatible with a model of housing allocation. Examples housing Canon Powershot S series camera, this housing camera cannot be used for other models. Therefore, before buying a digital camera, make sure that the camera Housing is still available in the market to buy. Try to buy a camera directly with housing to avoid the unavailability of housing in the future.

Underwater cameras for the type of non-DSLR like the Olympus Tough usually have a function that includes a macro lens and wide angle. Therefore, one of the advantages of this type of underwater camera than lean body, you also can shoot macro and wide angle camera with 1 unit only. You can use an underwater camera when you dive in exotic places such as Raja Ampat; Bali waters such as in Amed, Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan and Bunaken or Wakatobi in Sulawesi, Indonesia or the Great Barrier Reef, Australia.