Camera design since the last two years more unique, such as a digital camera with a retro design, and now some cameras are also different, so you will be amazed, and apparently, rounded design of the camera is not only chosen by the OLED TV manufacturers such as Samsung and LG. Canon also apply rounded design on the new camera, the Canon PowerShot N. 

If you notice, it appears that the four corners of the PowerShot N newest model made more rounded, than the previous generation. Not only that, Canon also redesigned the camera control buttons. This time, they put the camera control functions in the ring that surrounds the lens. According to the tiny rectangular device is just big enough to house its 8x (28-224mm f/3-5.9 equivalent) zoom lens, and the only physical shooting controls to speak of are two control rings around the lens—one fires the shutter, and the other, the zooms lens.

Shutter button is usually located at the top of the camera is now eliminated. As a substitute, the user can take a photo by pressing the upper ring. Focus adjustment can also be done by rotating the ring.

The zoom feature on the camera allows enlarging images up to four times. Just like the previous generation PowerShot series, the LCD screen can be rotated for display objects. Rotation can be up to 90 degrees.

This 2.8 inches camer also supports Wi-Fi connectivity so users can upload photos via the network. With the PowerShot N which has been redesigned, users can take five photos at a time and automatically apply different filters to any photo. On the right you'll discover a switch to toggle between standard shooting and the N's unique Creative Shot mode, a button to launch Wi-Fi connectivity, and the Playback button. On the left side the only control is the On/Off button.

Other specifications of this new PowerShot N is a 12.1 megapixel resolution camera with an image sensor CMOS (Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor). The device can be used to capture and record full high definition (full HD) at 24 frames per second.

So that the camera can be connected to the iOS and Android operating system with ease, Canon provides the movie and the new mobile devices connect. Continuous shooting capability is also provided with a speed of 2.3 frames per second. ISO settings on the camera function dimension 78.6 x60, 2x29, 3 millimeters are also diverse, ranging from 80 to 6400.

Parties Canon claims the series is designed to capture photos and video with a more creative with a unique position. The plan, the latest PowerShot N will be marketed in April 2013. This unique camera is available in white and black.