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Photo hunting in Bali
Did you just begin enjoying the world of photography? If you have a hobby of photography and frequent holidays in striking scenery, you definitely will not forget the camera to contain in your tour. You certainly will not miss a moment of unique or stunning view. But sometimes there is a little dilemma. Naturally beginner photographer somewhat confused in determining the right lens for their camera. This problem is not just experienced by Digital SLR camera owners, it turns out the owner mirrorless camera or MFT (Micro Four Third) also felt the same confusion.

The major problem is not the owner of the camera is just about the right choice of lens, apparently a lot to do with the budget. But despite the money problem, at least, you need to know what the right lens for the camera, and understand photography activities you will do. Information on the type and size of the lens is very important point, so you are not buying the wrong lens. So, what points need to be considered?

Select the appropriate lens that suit to the camera
If you have a Nikon camera, then the lens is designed for Canon Mount will not work on your Nikon. You must use lens that suit with your camera, unless you want to use a lens with an adapter or choose a brand that is able to share the platform. You do not have to buy original brand lens from Nikon, Canon, Olympus, Sony, Pentax or Panasonic. You can buy a lens that such third party lens made by Sigma, Tamron, Tokina, Samyang, and other product.
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Adjust the camera lens to the specific needs

For different needs, it would require a different lens. This relates to the focal length and maximum aperture. In general, judging by its use lenses can be divided into 5 groups, as follows:

The first is a standard lens, the 50mm.  Usually when buying a DSLR camera, this lens is a lens that is given to camera buyers. The lens is also called a normal lens has a viewing angle and magnification factor equal to our eyes. Now, the factory sells more cameras are bundled with the camera lens 18-55 mm. This tendency has long been the case, both in sales as well as digital SLR camera when you buy mirrorless camera or MFT camera.

Next is a wide angle lens. If you want to take pictures of objects in a small space, this lens is suitable for you, so you get a wider picture. Compared to normal lenses, coverage area captured with this lens will be more extensive. The smaller the distance focus; it will be increasingly broad range of views. This kind of lens sizes is ranging from 17mm to 35mm. For those who like to shoot landscape or experimenting with a wide viewing angle, the wide-angle lens types can be selected.
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This picture was taken with fish eye lens. Image:

The opposite of a wide-angle lens is a telephoto lens. The range of this lens is start from 70 mm upwards. You can use telephoto lens closer to the object, but at the same time you can narrowing the viewing angle. This telephoto lens is perfect for photography of fashion show, sports and music concert, or remote objects.

There is also a fish eye lens, wide angle lens that is the size of 14 mm, 15 mm, and 16 mm. With this lens, the images you produce will look curved. You can also use this lens to photograph the faces of your friends, so that their faces would look funny, but the fish-eye lens is usually used to take pictures of objects in the narrow room, such as in buildings, palaces, palace, churches, and so on.

Remember also among a wide variety of lenses, there is a macro lens that you can use to photograph very small objects such as ants, flowers, insects, butterflies and small creatures and other small objects. Lenses like this are usually owned by photography enthusiasts, biologists and other scientists.

Finally, of course is zoom lens. This lens has a size that is not fixed, such as 80-200 mm. This lens is versatile because it can be tailored to the needs, which can zoom in and zoom out. This means you can bring a photo or make the subject much without you having to approach the object you are photographing. Indeed, the price is relatively more expensive, but reliable for various needs. Believe me, there is also a zoom lens at reasonably priced. You can check prices zoom lens by using the search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines so that you get the right information. If you are curious I suggest you can check the prices on the website that is trusted, namely:
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She use zoom lens. Image:

If you are a beginner photographer, it is best if you have a zoom lens with a range of 18-250 mm or 18-270 mm. This versatile lens is fit for holiday or traveling, so you do not bother to change lenses quickly when you want to switch shooting from close distance to the remote or distance. You just need to zoom in or zoom out. Sigma and Tamron is a third party lens manufacturer that produces various zoom lenses in different variations, there is even a type that are armed with anti-shake feature (image stabilizer). You could also try the original lens from Leica, Nikon, Canon, Olympus, Sony, Pentax, and other original lenses to suit your camera brand.

If you already have a lot of experience and familiarity, and of course the extra money, you can buy a wide range of lenses step by step. If you cannot wait, then you can buy a used lens, but make sure you buy at the store that has a good reputation. Try using a camera lens before you pay. If necessary, get a friend who is experienced so that you get a good lens though not a new lens. You can also get information about the photography forums on the Internet; join the forum so that you are smarter. Join a photography club in your city is also a very good decision.