Are you ready for work, business, and enjoy great entertainment in 2013 from the sophistication of a tablet?
windows 8 tablet, microsoft tablet, android tablet

Whether you're looking for a tablet to tidy your work? In addition to Android-based tablets, Apple's iOS or BlackBerry, then you have another option that is Tablet PC with Windows 8 operating system from Microsoft. Windows 8 tablets now become an interesting conversation to discuss. Moreover, Microsoft's new operating system is not monopolized by one manufacturer only. So that will be pretty tough competition between manufacturers. That looks ready market there are several well-known vendors such as Lenovo, Microsoft, Sony, Samsung, and a newcomer to the world of tablets, Dell.

Not an easy thing for manufacturers to create a Windows 8 tablet. Moreover, consumers now have smart in choosing the appropriate device for him. Not only would the look of the specification, but also the price be the biggest consideration.

Until now, Windows 8 Tablet showed no functionality to work. One task that must be done by Android is a worksheet function processing application. Well, Windows 8 is said to answer the challenge. Almost every tablet with Windows 8 operating system equipped with a keyboard dock. This will allow users to process work pieces, such as processing documents in Microsoft Office.
acer tablet, microsoft surface

Here is a list of Windows 8 tablet ready you use for business, work, entertainment, play games, and to always exist in social networks:

Microsoft Surface

Microsoft also sells Microsoft Surface at a price affordable in its class. What makes it special is the design in addition to full support of the manufacturer. This can be ensured if the tablet gets full support from application developers. Are you also interested in trying this product?

 Lenovo ThinkPad

Lenovo ThinkPad launched after the official launch of Windows 8 operating system. This means that this tablet will soon be marketed globally. Flagship feature is the screen size of 10.1 inches, front and back camera, HDMI port, and wireless display.

ASUS Transformer Book, ASUS Taichi, Asus Vivo Tab

ASUS Transformer Book, ASUS Taichi, Asus Vivo Tab can be found in the global market. Products from Asus are known to have attractive design and have many unique features, making it suitable for your active and want to get more entertainment.

Acer Iconia W700 and W510

Acer Iconia W700 and W510 have been introduced since mid-2012. Bright white domination to be one hallmark of Windows 8 tablet made by Acer is. Both products are Armed with a powerful specification Taiwanese manufacturer tries to fight a whole range of tablets from other manufacturers.
HP tablet, Samsung ATIV, fujitsu tablet

Samsung ATIV

The name "ATIV" used as a label to name Windows-based devices, both Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. There are two versions, the same as the windows OS RT brings Surface and Windows 8.

You do not need to worry as Toshiba, Sony, Fujitsu, Hewlett-Packard (HP) and other well-known brands are also ready to meet your needs, and so you have another option that you can use a tablet that fits with your style. What brand of Tablet PC which would you chooses to do activities in 2013?